George Santos Booted From Congress Amid Multiple Scandals, Legal Problems


New York Republican George Santos has been consistently in the news since his foray into politics, albeit not for very exemplary reasons. Approximately one year ago, news broke of all the lies Santos told during his congressional campaign.

The lies in question centered around his faith, his family, religious background, marital status, sexual orientation, and more. Even by a politician’s standard, the number of falsehoods Santos has been caught in is disturbing.

From there, it only got worse. In the following months, Americans became privy to reports that Santos cheated donors, engaged in shady business practices, laundered money, scammed his way into getting unemployment aid, and more.

Amid all this, the New York Republican is now staring down a litany of federal indictments. Earlier today, the GOP-led House of Representatives also voted to remove him from Congress.

What to know about George Santos’ expulsion from the House of Representatives today

The vote to boot out Santos came with 311 representatives in favor and 114 opposed. What truly ended up doing him in were the reports about his misuse of donor funds, coupled with the criminal charges he faces.