OPINION: DeSantis Cleans Newsom’s Clock During Fox News Debate


Last night, the nation finally got to witness Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and California Gov. Gavin Newsom debate one another. The debate happened in Georgia with Fox News host Sean Hannity moderating it.

This was highly anticipated as both DeSantis and Newsom have publicly sparred with one another for quite some time. Both governors also regularly accuse one another of implementing failed and dangerous policies.

However, last night’s showdown allowed the pair to confront one another face-to-face and answer questions about the leadership of their respective states.

Here’s what happened

During the 90-minute segment, Newsom constantly accused DeSantis of making life more dangerous for Floridians, aspiring to regress America back to the 1960s, and failing to make serious headway in his presidential campaign.

However, DeSantis fought back by not only refuting these assertions, but also pointing out California’s plethora of shortcomings.

The systemic phasing out of gas-powered vehicles via government action, feces lining the streets of San Francisco, and high crime rates notwithstanding heavy gun control reforms in California were each realities Newsom found himself confronted with.