LIVE COVERAGE: 38th Day of Trump’s NY Civil Fraud Trial

Trump Steele Dossier Trial

We’re live on day 38 of the high-profile civil fraud trial of former President Donald Trump at the 60 Centre Street state courthouse in Lower Manhattan. The trial, overseen by the New York Supreme Court, delves into allegations of a decade-long scheme to defraud banks and insurers through misrepresentation of Trump’s wealth.

Reinstatement of Gag Orders: Restricting Trump’s Public Statements

A four-judge panel of the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division has reinstated gag orders preventing Trump from publicly discussing the judge’s court staff. This decision comes after Trump posted remarks on social media about the judge’s principal law clerk, prompting concerns about her safety. The gag orders were initially issued by Justice Arthur Engoron and have resulted in fines totaling $15,000 against Trump for previous violations.

The Core of the Fraud Allegations

New York Attorney General Letitia James accuses Trump of inflating his assets’ value in financial statements to secure favorable loan and insurance terms. The allegations center around Trump’s dealings with Deutsche Bank and Ladder Capital, with claims that he manipulated his financial condition for personal gain.

Defense’s Counterarguments: In Line with Industry Standards

During the defense’s case, consultant Robert Unell of Ankura, a commercial real estate lending specialist, testified that Trump’s financial statements aligned with industry standards. Unell’s testimony suggested that the loans in question from Deutsche Bank and Ladder Capital were legitimate, challenging the prosecution’s narrative of fraud.

Continued Cross-Examination of Robert Unell

Kevin Wallace of the attorney general’s office has resumed cross-examining Unell, probing deeper into the nuances of the loans and financial statements at the heart of the case. This cross-examination is critical to the prosecution’s efforts to establish the alleged fraudulent activities.

Ongoing Live Coverage from Lower Manhattan

As the trial unfolds, we continue to bring you live updates from the courthouse, capturing the key moments and revelations of this complex legal battle involving one of the most controversial figures in American politics.