Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Carries 26 Point Lead Over Challenger David Perdue


Furthermore, Kemp’s 26-point lead over Perdue comes in spite of the former senator having strong support from former President Trump.

Likewise, Trump has gone after Kemp intensely over disagreements between the pair about the handling of the 2020 presidential election.

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Judging from Kemp’s polling, he appears to be holding his own and on track to winning the Georgia Republican primary. If Kemp does win the primary election on May 24, he’ll face Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

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Kemp faced off against Abrams back in 2018 and defeated her. The Georgia governor is adamant that he can run on his record and beat Abrams yet again.

Polls exhibiting a Kemp vs. Abrams contest show the Georgia governor winning the race. A Republican win is also shown in a speculative Perdue vs. Abrams contest; however, Perdue’s forecasted defeat of Abrams is by a smaller margin than that of Kemp’s.

The governor of Georgia is set to debate Perdue twice more ahead of Tuesday, May 24.