GEORGIA RUNOFFS: Republican signature matching injunction denied by appeals court, citing state constitution

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger - Dustin Chambers | Reuters

The Georgia Republican Party suffered a big loss on Sunday after an appeals court denied an injunction to put enhanced signature matching procedures in place ahead of the upcoming Senate runoff.

In the injunction, Republicans urged a district court to “conduct a meaningful signature matching process” where a minimum of three election officials will review voter signatures on absentee ballots by checking them against reference signatures. It was also requested that parties participating in the election be able to monitor the signature verification process.

“Like in Jacobson, the campaigns sued the secretary of state. They alleged that the secretary is the state’s chief election officer, that he has the authority and responsibility to manage Georgia’s electoral system, and that he, along with the election board members, has the duty to promulgate rules and regulations to obtain uniformity in the practices of election officials and to ensure fair, legal, and orderly conduction of elections,” said the three-judge panel.

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