Girardi Unfit For Trial: Battle Over a Legal Titan

Girardi Unfit For Trial

In an unfolding courtroom drama that reads more like a Hollywood screenplay than legal proceedings, 84-year-old disbarred attorney, Tom Girardi, now confined to a memory care unit of an assisted living facility, believes he’s on a “business getaway”.

This comes from recent federal court filings in Los Angeles, where Girardi’s defense paints a picture of an elderly lawyer deeply ensnared in the webs of dementia, a far cry from the titan of law who once commanded respect in California’s legal circles.

Girardi Unfit For Trial: Dementia or Deception?

“Imagine a king who believes his castle is but a sandbox,” that’s what the defense’s portrayal seems to suggest.

A former powerhouse, now struggling with basic tasks like dressing himself, Girardi’s mental state has been the focal point of recent filings.

With three neurologists, two neuropsychologists, a neuropsychiatrist, and a multitude of friends and family weighing in, the consensus is clear – Girardi’s once razor-sharp mind is now blunted by dementia.