Global Obesity Rate Has Skyrocketed in Recent Decades


In 2024, the various pitfalls of obesity remain quite well-documented. Obese individuals are significantly more likely to struggle with cancer, sleep apnea, different organ diseases, and other afflictions. The importance of being in good physical shape extends far beyond vanity or aesthetics.

Health officials generally recommend people avoid obesity by minding their diets, physical activity rates, and sleep schedules. Someone who eats fairly well, gets their exercise in, and sleeps adequately is less susceptible to obesity than their unhealthier, inactive, and more sleep-deprived counterparts.

Despite the documented impacts of obesity, this health condition is increasing, not decreasing, as time goes on. Over the past 34 years alone, the global rate of obesity has skyrocketed.

What you should know about obesity around the world

Findings from The Lancet reveal that for every eight people across the globe, at least one person is obese. As of 2022, 43% of adults met the criteria for obesity. Even more alarmingly, young children and adolescents are likewise seeing their rates of obesity climb.