Google Settles Antitrust Lawsuits Amid Claims of Illegal Monopoly and Tracking


San Francisco-based Google has faced prolonged legal battles in two antitrust lawsuits. 

The tech giant announced a significant settlement of $700 million.  Google will contribute $630 million to a settlement fund for consumers, while an additional $70 million will be allocated to the states involved in the legal action. 

The settlement comes after years of litigation initiated in July 2021 by 30 state attorneys general and ultimately joined by all 50 states. 

While an agreement was reached in September, the terms are only now being disclosed.

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Antitrust Lawsuits Background

The company was facing allegations of operating its app store as an illegal monopoly. The litigation accused Google of suppressing competition and overcharging consumers for subscriptions to mobile apps and other purchases within the Google Play store.