GOP Attorney Generals Working to Stop Biden’s Gun Control Measures


Since getting into the White House, President Biden has worked day and night to pass more gun control. Since doing this via Congress hasn’t panned out, he’s using executive action.

Biden’s executive orders entail telling the Department of Justice to implement regulations on the parts and kits of firearms. The president also stated that when Federal Firearm License holders print 3D firearms, they must have serial numbers. Furthermore, Biden also stated that gun parts inside firearm kits now require serial numbers.

Of course, these regulations directly fly in the face of the Second Amendment enshrined in the Bill of Rights. This is why 20 different GOP attorney generals are working together to stop Biden’s gun control measures.

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Republicans united against Second Amendment infringements

GOP attorney generals are pointing out the means by which Biden’s executive orders infringe upon the law. For starters, the ATF does not have the right to slap regulations on gun receivers that are not complete. Secondly, the president’s push to regulate stabilizer braces is facing blowback from Republicans.