GOP Congressional Group Wants Pelosi Gone from House Speakership Role


As such, the House Freedom Caucus aims for Leader McCarthy to initiate a “privileged motion” before July concludes to have Pelosi kicked out as House Speaker. As it turns out, Pelosi’s conduct involving the January 6 commission isn’t the only reason why the House Freedom Caucus takes issue with her.

The GOP congressional body argues that Pelosi has a pattern of interfering with the House of Representatives efficiently doing their jobs. As an example of such interference, the House Freedom Caucus cited Pelosi’s allowance of proxy voting.

Ultimately, the House Freedom Caucus is very clear. They maintain that so long as Pelosi is House Speaker, the House of Representatives will face impediments on appropriately doing their jobs.

The ball is in McCarthy’s court

At this time, the ball is in the court of the House Minority Leader. It is ultimately up to McCarthy to determine whether he’ll submit the aforementioned privileged motion.

At this time, McCarthy has not publicly responded to the letter from the House Freedom Caucus. However, most Americans can assume that it will have some bearing on McCarthy’s decisions going forward.