Majority of Unvaccinated Americans Don’t Want COVID Jab


A few weeks back, the Biden White House announced a program that would have officials travel to the homes of unvaccinated Americans to persuade them to get the COVID vaccine.  In defense of this plan, the White House alleged that an absence of accessibility is a factor in why more Americans lack immunization against COVID.

However, this is a demonstrably untrue allegation. For instance, the Biden administration invested millions into setting up vaccination centers across the nation. Furthermore, pharmacies have signs plastered nationwide which announce that COVID vaccines are free and readily available.

For quite some time, a fair number of Americans have stated that folks who aren’t inoculated against COVID at this point simply don’t want to be. As it turns out, a new poll from the Associated Press confirms that this is true.

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The reality of unvaccinated Americans

Many unvaccinated folks have questions and concerns about the COVID vaccine. It also doesn’t help matters that numerous vaccinated people are still catching coronavirus.

This comes on top of a newfound push for vaccinated folks to resume wearing face masks. Therefore, the elephant in the room remains; why should anyone accept COVID immunization if it doesn’t remove the need for face coverings or stop one from catching the virus?

The Biden administration can’t seem to answer this question; neither can the health officials. However, Americans have already arrived at their own conclusions.

The poll from the Associated Press

Associated Press found out that only 3% of unimmunized Americans have plans to get the COVID jab. Meanwhile, just 16% stated that there’s a probable likelihood of them rolling up their sleeves.

Likewise, the Associated Press poll reveals that most unimmunized folks do not believe COVID vaccines are a defense against the Delta variant. Health officials claim otherwise; although, it’s very clear that people still have their doubts.

As things currently stand, 45% of adults without the COVID vaccine maintain that they certainly won’t get the injection. Another 35% of unvaccinated adults state that there’s an improbable likelihood of them taking the vaccine.

At this point in time, the writing on the wall is very clear.