GOP, Democrats Remain Starkly Divided on Appropriate Infrastructure Bill


Throughout the Biden presidency, Republicans and Democrats have remained deeply divided. The reality here is that the right and the left have very different viewpoints on appropriate spending, the proper direction to take the nation, etc.

Right now, infrastructure is the hot topic being debated. President Biden and congressional Democrats have already put forth a massive spending bill for infrastructure; the problem, however, is that the majority of this bill has nothing to do with roads, highways, etc.

Amid the start of a new week, Republicans and Democrats still remain very much divided on an infrastructure package for America.

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The debate on infrastructure in the United States

The GOP is not on board with the infrastructure package that Democrats are pushing for. Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell weighed in on this matter while speaking to reporters. Quite simply, McConnell told the media on Monday that “zero” GOP backing for Democrats’ infrastructure bill exists.

Despite the problems with Democrats’ infrastructure bill, Republicans are very much open to legislation that focuses on actual infrastructure projects. This is why the GOP presented an alternative infrastructure bill last month that is more effective and less expensive.