GOP Senators Seriously Concerned about National Emergency Declaration to Build Border Wall

border wall
Credits: AP/Marco Ugarte

Several Republican senators are seriously concerned about the possibility that President Donald Trump would use a national emergency declaration to circumvent Congress and build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

On Friday, Trump warned “there’s a good chance” of him declaring a national emergency to build the border wall. The President also stated that the bipartisan conference committee is wasting time debating on a spending deal that does not include money for the border wall. He reiterated his warning during an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation, which was aired on Sunday.

A national emergency declaration is a “dangerous step”

On Monday, Senate Republicans told CNN that Trump could set a “dangerous” precedent for future presidents. They believe that it could present constitutional problems and create political consequences for the GOP.

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Senator John Cornyn of Texas commented that a national emergency declaration is a “dangerous step” and “not a good strategy.” He added that Republicans repeatedly expressed their concerns regarding the matter to the White House “publicly and privately.”