Gov. Wolf proposes $1 billion to remove asbestos, lead in schools across Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is proposing more than $1.1 billion budget to fix schools, daycare centers, homes and public water systems contaminated with asbestos and lead across the state.

The governor unveiled his proposal as several school districts in Philadelphia and Scranton are facing a growing problem regarding the unsafe levels of asbestos and lead in their buildings.

In a statement, Gov. Wolf said, “Decades ago, well-intentioned Pennsylvanians constructed our homes, schools, waterways, and other structures out of asbestos and lead because they were thought to be harmless, even superior materials.”

“Now we know the serious harm both can cause. To build a better Pennsylvania, we first need to fix our foundation, which is why the five lead and asbestos removal initiatives I’m outlining today are so important,” he added.

Pennsylvania State Sen. Vincent Hughes agreed that a significant part of the state is toxic and unsafe due to asbestos and lead contamination. He said, “Our homes, childcare centers, and schools suffer from serious disrepair and long-term neglect. Thank you, Gov. Wolf, for making a significant financial commitment to clean up these vital, necessary and fundamental places in our community. We intend to win on your proposal and to use that victory to propel us to a long-term even more robust investment.”