Impeachment Trial: Trump Likely to Be Acquitted Today


The Senate impeachment trial is getting closer and closer to where Republicans maintained it would always end: an acquittal for President Trump.

The likely acquittal is projected to take place as early as this evening, seeing as Republican senators are opposed to additional witnesses and testimonies. Unlike their Democrat colleagues, GOP senators have consistently maintained that impeachment proceedings lack merit. Moreover, the right has criticized Democrats for alleging that they have an airtight case while calling for additional witnesses.

Why Democrats Want Additional Witnesses

The left’s interest in bringing forth additional witnesses occurred after John Bolton’s leaked manuscripts. In the manuscripts for a currently unpublished book, Bolton makes some strong claims against Trump. These claims entail that Trump warned Ukraine of possible withheld aid if the government declined to investigate Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

Bolton’s claims are contrary to assertions from both Trump and Zelensky. Both parties maintain that there was no quid-pro-quo, pressure, or aid withheld. However, Democrats in Congress still believe that bringing forth additional witnesses will help a case they claim as “solid beyond a doubt.”

Why is Acquittal Likely?

There are several reasons why the acquittal of Trump is the likeliest outcome. First and foremost, the GOP maintains control of the Senate. Since the inception of impeachment proceedings, Democrats have never convinced Republicans of the proceedings’ validity. Moreover, during their time in the House, Democrats did not take into account the interests or wishes of the GOP minority.

The lack of support for additional witnesses in the trial serves as another reason for the likelihood of acquittal. On Thursday night, Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander informed that further witnesses are barred from the impeachment trial.

An excerpt from Alexander’s statement reads as follows:

“Our founding documents provide for duly elected presidents who serve with ‘the consent of the governed,’ not at the pleasure of the United States Congress. Let the people decide.”

Therefore, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will most likely initiate a vote on the articles of impeachment. With Republicans maintaining control in the Senate, a prediction of both articles’ dismissal is a safe bet.

Reactions from the Democrats

House Democrats have opined that a Senate trial is not legitimate without allowance of additional witnesses. However, the House has no power over how the Senate conducts its trial. The Senate’s outlook on impeachment has not changed since the inception of impeachment proceedings.

In light of the likely outcome, Speaker Pelosi indicated that Democrats may take even more action against Trump if he faces acquittal.