Gov. Wolf takes actions to reform Pennsylvania’s charter school law

Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf

Governor Tom Wolf is taking actions to improve Pennsylvania’s charter school law, which is considered one of the worst in the United States.

On Tuesday, Gov. Wolf presented his vision to improve charter school quality and improve outcomes for students. He also outlined his plan to strengthen charter and cyber charter school accountability and transparency to control costs.

The Governor decided to take immediate actions due to concerns regarding the limited authority of school districts and the state government to hold charter and cyber charter schools accountable.

The poor academic performance of some charter schools and the report from Stanford University showing overwhelming negative results from Pennsylvania cyber schools was also a serious concern for Gov. Wolf.

Gov. Wolf says Pennsylvania’s existing charter school law is “unfair”

In a statement, the Governor said, “Pennsylvania’s charter school law is unfair for students, parents, school districts, and taxpayers. While many charter schools are succeeding, others, especially some cyber charter schools, are underperforming and we are not doing enough to hold them accountable to the taxpaying public and the children they serve.”