Fox News’ Williams: A Government Shutdown Would Backfire on President Trump and Republicans


During the 2016 election, Trump claimed that Mexico would pay for the wall. However, the Mexican government has repeatedly expressed its refusal to fund the southern border wall, and Trump is now seeking funding from Congress for it.

Throughout Williams’ op-ed, he blasted the president as someone who “demonizes” and “attacks” immigrants. However, Trump has repeatedly expressed his support for legal and “merit-based” immigration.

Will the Federal Government Shut Down?

At this point in time, whether a government shutdown will come to fruition is unknown. Williams furthermore notes that the Republican-controlled Congress currently maintains an approval rating of 15 percent. In light of this approval rating, he believes that the GOP would not be doing itself any favors by failing to halt the shutdown of the federal government.

However, not all Republicans appear to believe that a shutdown is on the horizon. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently affirmed his “optimism” about the GOP’s ability to keep the government up and running.

Dennis Maloney

Go ahead Thumper, SHUT IT DOWN ! Please !!!

David B Potts

Shut it down. The best move you can make to help this Country. It would ensure the defeat of the Republican party. It would speed up Trump's Impeachment.

Elaine Hofrichter


Ken Lescord