Graham Stephan went From a Real Estate Agent to a Full-Time YouTuber Earning $6 Million

Stephan Graham
Stephan Graham

Making millions of dollars while only using a camera and a computer might seem like something too good to be true. However, Graham Stephan is one of the many examples of a millennial who earns millions for showing up in a recorded video on YouTube.
The moment you enter Stephan’s Las Vegas home, the first thing you’ll see is a massive 310-gallon aquarium in the entryway.

“The level of enjoyment I get from the aquarium is just unparalleled to any other experience that I would be able to buy,” the 31-year-old says. “This for me is the tank I would have set up as a kid when I was 12 if I had whatever I wanted.”

Stephan broke the $1 million annual income mark in 2019. However, his earnings for 2020 were around $6 million with $3 million coming from YouTube ad revenue and the rest coming from his courses on Teachable and affiliates revenue.

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But what does Stephan do?

You’ll be surprised to know that Stephan was a full-time real estate agent who used to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars before he started his YouTube career. However, what is shocking is that he quit his old job during the coronavirus pandemic and turned to all-in-YouTube mode.