Growing Number of GOP Governors Vow Action Against Vaccine Passports


Governor Reynolds’ decision mirrors that of other Republican governors. Thus far, governors in Florida, Idaho, and Texas have banned vaccine passports; however, Florida is the only state working to codify the governor’s ban of vaccine passports into law via the state legislature.

Other Republican governors in the states of Tennessee, Georgia, South Dakota, Nebraska, etc., have stated that they do not support mandatory vaccine passports. A growing number of conservative voters are urging Republican governors to take executive or legislative action to ban vaccine passport programs in their respective states.

Time will tell whether or not these GOP leaders oblige.

The Biden administration on vaccine passports

The Biden White House this month has claimed that they are not supportive of a federal program mandating vaccine passports; however, by the same token, the Biden administration is also working with private sector entities who aim to establish vaccine passport programs. This, in and of itself, is concerning to many Americans.