Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain-Computer Interface Allows Monkey to play Mind Pong

Brain-Computer Interface

Brain-Computer Interface is a potentially life changing new tech. Founded in 2017, Texas-based Neuralink is part of Elon Musk’s empire of highly influential companies. Neuralink uses the patented brain-computer interface or BCI to focus on ‘mind control’. A recently released YouTube video shows Pager, a monkey, playing pong using his brain for remote control.

The company released a blog post. The video was called Monkey MindPong. It demonstrates the Neuralink hardware makes it possible for a monkey to play pong with only its brain.

How Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI’s) work

The video reveals how brain-computer interfaces (BCI) are on the cutting edge of a new neuro-motor focused technology. Incredibly, paralyzed people could regain mobility with continued advancements of this tech. Perhaps they could walk again or operate an iPhone without touch controls. Potential applications include enabling the deaf and blind to recover their hearing and sight.

Unfortunately, this is an amazing and troubling technology. Any brain implant, especially computer-based, raises both ethical and moral questions.