Gwen Graham – The Princess of Florida Politics


It’s rare to find any Floridian who doesn’t recognize the name of Bob Graham.

During his time as Florida’s governor and U.S. Senator, Democrat Bob Graham presided over some of the most prosperous times in the Sunshine State’s history. The man has several libraries, and one big bridge in Tampa, named after him.

Now, his daughter wants a turn.

Former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham announced her bid for Florida Governor last May. So far, she’s leading the Democratic field, and is likely to make it to the general. This is despite several right-leaning votes she took while representing Florida’s Second Congressional District (Tallahassee, Panama City). Such votes include favoring the Keystone pipeline, cutting Wall Street regulations, and tougher immigration restrictions.

She’s acquired momentum through political connections, a solid donor base, a friendly and charming demeanor. Because of that, Graham seems locked in for the Democratic nomination.

In 2014, Graham’s victory over former U.S. Rep Steve Southerland (R-FL) caused shockwaves throughout the political world. In the end, the vote came down to less than a percent.