Hackers Steal Texts and Social Media Accounts with SMS Redirection Hacks


The latest scam to be cautious of is SMS Redirection hacks. We live in the age of technology. And with each new development, there are potential threats. Anything you do online or with your phone can be hacked.

The latest hack attack is taking place on text messaging through a process called SMS redirection.

It’s hard to detect, even when it’s happening to you. This attack is invisible to the victim and it’s hard to figure out someone else is getting your messages. The attacker has more than enough time to compromise your accounts. And the telecom carriers aren’t doing much about it either!

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Hidden hacking via SMS Redirection Hacks

According to reporting by Joseph Cox in Motherboard-Vice SMS redirection can be effectively used on individuals or businesses. Cox had his own texts hacked and stolen using the Sakari app. For $16 you get a month’s worth of service with up to 500 texts.

Sakari is a cloud-based text marketing platform that aids businesses with marketing, sales, and customer service. Businesses use the platform to automate marketing campaigns by creating and sending bulk messages across multiple contacts.