Haley Campaign Turns Down Offer From “No Labels” Party


Barely five days out from the New Hampshire Republican primary, all eyes are on Nikki Haley’s candidacy. The 2024 GOP hopeful is campaigning extensively across the state. Backing her is Gov. Chris Sununu who’s repeatedly billed the current election as a “two-person race” between Haley and Trump.

Recent polling out of the Granite State shows Haley tied with the former president as both carry 40% among the state’s Republican electorate. Multiple news outlets have also followed Haley’s New Hampshire campaign events, many of which attract considerable numbers of supporters.

As the Republican candidate’s run garners more traction and coverage, No Labels (a political group promoting bipartisanship and centrist politics) extended an offer for Haley to run under their umbrella as a third-party contender.

Her campaign has since declined the invitation.

No Labels’ offer and the response from Haley’s team

Joe Lieberman, co-chair of No Labels, stated many within the organization see the former South Carolina governor as worthy of their backing on a third-party ticket. He then conceded that whether or not Haley opts to go this route is up to her.