World Health Organization Calls For Regulation of Artificial Intelligence Used in Healthcare


In 2023, various studies into artificial intelligence (AI) indicated it could play a role in the earlier detection of serious health problems, such as breast cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Despite these findings, officials warned the medical field should approach AI with caution and healthcare workers shouldn’t become too reliant on the technology. Specialists also pointed out the use of AI should come with safeguards to catch and handle diagnoses made in error.

Right now, there are still many questions surrounding AI and the impacts it’ll have on various industries. In the meantime, the World Health Organization recently came out, urging for regulatory action on AI use in the healthcare field.

The WHO on mixing healthcare with AI

In formal recommendations concerning the use of AI, the World Health Organization stated that developing nations aren’t moving as quickly as America and Europe to establish concrete AI regulations.

This could be problematic, the agency contends, as the private sector becomes more enmeshed with AI and willing to use it for streamlining various tasks and operations.