Haley to Join DeSantis For January Debate in Iowa


At this time, it’s not clear if Chris Christie will qualify to appear on the stage. Though both Haley and DeSantis have said they believe Trump needs to show up to debate.

Will Trump join his opponents in Iowa?

So far, the former president has skipped every single debate, with critics accusing him of thinking he shouldn’t have to work for the GOP nomination.

Haley declared as the field of Republican contenders narrows, Trump will have a harder time hiding from these debates. Likewise, DeSantis blasted the former president for just giving speeches without answering questions, visiting counties across Iowa, or even shaking voters’ hands.

For months, the Florida governor’s stressed that the Republican nomination is something one has to work for, not something they should expect to just be handed to them.

At this time, Trump has not confirmed that he plans to debate in Iowa next month. Given his pattern of ducking debates, no one should hold their breath waiting for him to show up.