High Tariffs Stand in the way of US Exports to China


This problem of putting profits over people is a cancer eating away at the heart of America.  Many products and services that most Americans think are being made by American workers in the US are being made and managed in China. Because of this lack of understanding, millions of Americans are being marginalized when they find there is no demand for their work. These marginalized workers have no awareness of why they are marginalized; therefore, they provide no political strength and momentum to fix the problem.

A current example is prototype part machining. For over 100 years, millions of American works did this type of work. Now, if place an order from Rapidcut, a company located in North Carolina, the parts come from China wrapped in Chinese language newspapers. The American worker is sidelined. Americans are no longer machining the parts; the company simply orders them from Chinese workers instead.

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To fix this problem, a significant first step would be to begin a fair and open conversation about import duties in China compared to those in the US. Standard import duty into China is 10% of 110% of the declared value. Anyone can read the details of in Chapter 84 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States. For importing machinery and machined parts into the USA the duty is 2.4% with many exceptions that are duty free. Unfortunately, this is only part of the sad story.