High Tariffs Stand in the way of US Exports to China


Once my employees are finished with the product, the only way it goes to China is if someone there buys it. None of my products are made there. So, if I can do it, why can’t other companies?

Customers, especially those around the world, find value in products that are made with American workers. Factories and shops in the United States are known for crafting high quality products. Think about the junk that often comes out of factories in China. Why would any proud, American-owned company want to put its name on a junky product made from a sub-par factory in a communist country? Especially when they can have it made by American workers who are well-trained and proud of working for an American company.

If anything is going to change with American manufacturing, then something should be done about the tariffs that China is placing on products entering the country. Of course, China is a communist country, so the government expects that its people will buy whatever they are told to buy. Therefore, the Chinese government can demand that Chinese people purchase products made within their borders. So, why would they allow any United States companies to sell products.