High Tariffs Stand in the way of US Exports to China


Imagine what it would be like for American workers to be able to find good manufacturing jobs in the United States. It would be a seismic shift in the way the United States economy functioned. Instead of buying cheap goods that are manufactured in China and brought into the US, we should be making high quality goods, made by well paid workers to send to China!

As an expert in this field, I would like to personally challenge all American business owners to investigate my theory. Check out what Electroimpact is doing and do the math. Look at my business model and how I do not micromanage my engineers. Look at how my deals with China work. Then, begin making the necessary changes in your company. Then, look at my bottom line.

I pay my employees very well. They have outstanding benefits and artist-like working conditions. My company is succeeding and so is everyone who works for me. I am succeeding, too. And, add to that the fact that my company is doing business in China without lowering standards or prices.