Hillary Clinton “Would Like to Be President”


As the 2020 election approaches, Democrats are scrambling to find the right candidate who they believe will be able to successfully defeat Trump. Many names have come up, including Cory Booker, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and others. Different political commentators have chimed in with their thoughts, stating that the Democrats need fresher faces.

Hillary Clinton came under fire earlier this month after she seemingly dismissed civility towards Republicans. The failed, former presidential candidate stated that Democrats can become civil again after winning the midterm elections. Many Americans perceived that rhetoric as an endorsement of violence towards conservatives.

Readers of Fox News weighed in with their thoughts regarding the prospects of Clinton 2020:

“No matter how hard they try, the Dems just can’t get rid of Hillary. Proof that they’re no match for Trump.”

“If her only competitors are Pocahontas and Biden, she stands a good chance.”

“She spent over a BILLION dollars and lost.”