Hillary Clinton Throws Support Behind Democrats’ H.R.1 Bill


The twice-failed presidential candidate then went on to quote the late civil rights leader John Lewis; Clinton quoted Lewis’ excerpt that speaks to the preciousness and sacredness of the U.S. vote. The quote later goes on to list the vote as the “most powerful nonviolent tool” in American society.

Finally, Clinton concluded her post by declaring that the Senate “must” pass H.R.1 into law.

Conservative pushback against H.R.1

The House of Representatives passed H.R.1 on party lines alone; this was by no means a bipartisan vote and Democrats are very much aware of this.

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Republicans are continuing to vocalize their opposition against H.R.1. The GOP furthermore warns that this election bill is simply not constitutional. Since the passing of the legislation in the House, 20 state attorney generals have contacted leaders in the House and Senate.

In the letter to House and Senate leadership, the state attorney generals draw attention to Article I Elections Clause and Article II Electors Clause in the Constitution. These articles explicitly give states the power to handle their own Senate and House federal elections.