HIMARS to Ukraine for counteroffensive


This has effectively enabled Ukrainian forces to stop fuel, food, and munitions from reaching Russia-occupied regions.

The U.S. also has provided shadow funding through the “Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.” This will allow at least 18 additional HIMARS to be purchased from the US through long-term contracts. 

All USAI funds are part of a joint effort of U.S. and Western allies. And includes funds for Ukraine’s forces to be trained and equipped.

The USAI project is slated for a multi-year fulfillment.

Counter-offensive continues

By all accounts, the Ukraine counter offensive has been a success. It is being termed Russia’s worst military defeat since the February invasion.

Ukraine’s battlefield successes in Kherson and the Donetsk regions are important. These are two areas Russia says it has annexed.

The last several weeks of Ukrainian attacks forced Russia into a “defensive crouch.” And Russia is having large-scale problems resupplying its frontline troops.

According to a Reuters report, Russia has only been able to replenish very few soldiers since Ukraine ran Moscow’s occupying force in Izyum and 30 other towns and villages out of the Kharkiv region.