The Hiring Landscape Will Change in 2019

Photo by Fox from Pexels

The way businesses are run will change in 2019. And if they don’t, then employers will have to face the fact that their business could fail quickly. According to Randstand USA,  job seekers are looking for more than just a job. And 2019 is the year we will see employers bend to the job seeker.

Randstand USA offers advice and consultations to many industries, and focuses on HR policies.

In a recent press release, they say because of the advancement in technology, there are multiple changes coming to the job seeking environment.

“HR strategies won’t be effective if they don’t evolve,” said Jim Link, chief human resources officer, Randstad North America. “Ensuring your company attracts the best talent and is poised to innovate in the future means taking a holistic approach to every decision HR makes. Anticipating digital disruption and developing a meaningful diversity and inclusion strategy will be paramount.”

In their report, they cite eight main changes including:

  • Constant digital disruption will become the norm
  • A continued shift in how, when, where and why work gets done
  • Training — anytime and anywhere — will become an expectation

Randstand USA says artificial intelligence (AI) is something we will see more often. No, AI won’t take jobs, it will only help increase human productivity.

“agile workers and AI are the fastest growing workforce segments. However, far from replacing humans in the workforce, technology is helping them deliver even greater value.”

Another high profile change to the workforce is company culture. Business and office culture will start to develop. The typical cubical setting will start to fade away. And as it does, a higher quality of candidates will appear.

“A positive workplace culture is a big draw for candidates evaluating different job opportunities, which is why it’s so important for companies to share external messaging that accurately and authentically captures their work environment. While communicating the positive things that current employees have to say about working for your company can be a huge draw for potential candidates, the key is to do it in a way that feels authentic.”