HMS Health and Wellness Center owner sentenced to five years in prison for Medicare fraud


Evidence showed Hamilton would often not release crucial home healthcare paperwork until a kickback was received, effectively blackmailing providers. The DOJ confirmed that she had multiple co-conspirators, including doctors, patient recruiters, and marketers as well as nurses. In many cases, these individuals have “been charged, found guilty, or pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit health care fraud and/or paying or receiving kickbacks.”

While it is unknown what sentences co-conspirators received, it has been confirmed that Hamilton was convicted of the aforementioned crimes and sentenced to five years in prison.

Sadly, healthcare fraud is far from a new crime and has been a consistent issue for a number of years. The biggest losers in schemes of this kind are of course the patients who depend on care providers to give them accurate information about treatment options, eligible services and etc.

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Hamilton’s egregious actions used that trust to pilfer millions of dollars from the U.S. healthcare system, a crime that appears to not have gone unpunished. In this case, justice has indeed been served.