Hollywood Actor Gabriel Jarret Caught in Pedophile Sting Operation


Jarret, in a now-deleted video, asserted, “I’m not meeting a 13-year-old girl.” He elaborated, “I’ve got someone that was calling me again and again, and I told her again and again, you know, you need to stop this. And she started getting insistent, whatever. And I’m here to tell her to stop.” He further claimed, “She said she was 18.”

The vigilante group compiled incriminating footage, alongside other pieces of evidence, and promptly forwarded them to the Santa Monica Police Department.

 Messages, spanning back to May 2022, reportedly showcased Jarret’s alleged grooming behavior toward the supposed underage girl. 

The phone number linked to Jarret’s activities seemingly matched one previously documented in court records filed in Los Angeles in 2018.

As the investigation into Gabriel Jarret’s alleged involvement in this pedophile sting operation unfolds, the actor’s once-promising career now hangs in the balance.