Home Sales Decline 10 Percent in Second Half of 2018

Home sales fell sharply in the second half of 2018. In December, they finished the year at the lowest point since 2014. Sales of existing homes in the United States fell 10.8 percent over the last half of the year. Prices are keeping Millennials from purchasing property. Home prices in some cities are still very affordable for middle-income Americans. Topping the list as the most affordable home to buy a city is St. Louis, Missouri. There are others that middle-income Americans may also want to consider.

How Much House?

The median income per household in America is $61.400. On a 30-year loan, that means that couples can afford a $260,000. The great news is that those who are willing to move can find many homes within that price range in cities across America.

St. Louis, Missouri

Approximately 88 percent of homes listed on the market are affordable in St. Louis, Missouri. Great beer manufacturing and auto manufacturing kept this city on the map for eons. A strong agriculture business base, education and health care jobs gives it a strong future outlook.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Barely beaten out for the number one position, over 87 percent of the homes are affordable in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Once known for the quality of the steel produced there, this city has a very diverse economy. Steel is still a major part of the economy. It has diversified its economy to include technology, robotics and financial institutions.

Columbus, Ohio

Almost 87 percent of homes are also affordable in Columbus, Ohio. This city is the state capital, so there are many government jobs available. The city is also home to the world’s leading private research facility and has a large chemical manufacturing base. Numerous publications have cited this city as one of the best places in America to grow a business.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Almost 86 percent of homes for sale in Cincinnati, Ohio, are affordable to middle-income Americans. This city located only about 100 miles southwest of Columbus is beating the overall rate of business growth for the nation. The cost of living here is 6 percent below the national average. The city has a diverse economy led by manufacturing.

Hartford, Connecticut

Almost 85 percent of homes available in Hartford are affordable to middle-income Americans. There are many reasons that you might want to look at available home sales here. A new downtown technology park promises to bring new jobs to the community in insurance, healthcare and manufacturing. Hartford is the state capital, so there are also plenty of government jobs.