Hospitality Industry Can Play Major Role in Fighting Human Trafficking


In real-time, at least tens of millions of people remain stuck in the modern-day slavery that is human trafficking. Society is directing much more attention than it has previously toward ending human trafficking; though there is still quite a ways to go.

Across the nation, numerous law enforcement bodies conduct sting operations to catch human traffickers and their buyers. This goes a long way in not just holding these criminals accountable; it also spares people who would have been victimized by traffickers and their buyers later down the line.

As various initiatives and organizations work to educate people about human trafficking, it turns out the hospitality industry has a major role to play.

Looking at the numbers

Information from the International Labor Organization (ILO) suggests that the hospitality industry (with hotels included) observes more than six in ten human trafficking cases. Furthermore, human traffickers and their buyers often use motels and local hotels to carry out their crimes.