House Republicans Work To Avoid Government Shutdown


In the wake of the Tax Cuts and Job Act’s success comes the importance of halting a potential government shutdown. Fox News reports that House Republicans are working hard to ensure the continued full functionality of the government.

Avoiding the Shutdown of the Government

GOP House members presented a brand new spending bill earlier today in the hopes of preserving the complete performance of the government. Upon the success of the aforesaid spending bill, the government will continue functioning through January 19, 2018. Furthermore, it will allow Congressional Republicans and Democrats to spend the holidays with their families.

Disputes pertaining to immigration, national budget, and healthcare disagreements would also be addressed in January. However, if the spending bill does not attract the required votes, a government shutdown shall follow on Friday at 12:00AM.

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The effort to halt a government shutdown appears to be completely partisan. Democrats are not offering supporting votes to pass House Republicans’ spending bill. From their point of view, the GOP is not doing enough to shield minor illegal aliens from deportation. Democrats have furthermore pushed for the full instatement of DACA much to the irritation of Republicans.