House Speaker Distances Herself from Senate Filibuster Debate


Outside of Capitol Hill earlier today, Democrat Rep. Cori Bush stated that axing the filibuster is the only way for Democrats to pass H.R. 51, H.R. 1, and other bills. When questioned about this, Pelosi stated that she chooses not to insert herself in Senate rules and affairs.

Democrats pushing to end the Senate filibuster are now alleging that the filibuster is a relic of Jim Crow racism. This perspective was not one that Democrats had when they previously employed the filibuster as the minority party in Congress.

Does the Senate filibuster stand a chance?

At this time, the Senate filibuster is unlikely to go anywhere. For starters, not all Democrats in the Senate are supportive of ending the filibuster.

Sen. Joe Manchin, for instance, has declared that under no circumstances will he back the elimination of the filibuster. Manchin furthermore believes that the Senate filibuster is important and necessary in Congress.

Of course, Republicans are not on board with getting rid of the filibuster either. Therefore, the removal of the Senate filibuster is extremely unlikely at this time.