Houston Nurse, Survivor Brings Awareness to Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking Awareness Month or Human Trafficking Prevention Month remains upon us. Throughout this month, more conversations are being had about human trafficking, what it entails, and how to prevent it.

This is good news; however, the work to eradicate human trafficking doesn’t end when Human Trafficking Awareness/Prevention Month does. There have to be ongoing efforts to hold perpetrators accountable, rescue victims, and prevent future abuses from happening.

In Houston, Texas, one nurse who is also a survivor of human trafficking is working to raise awareness about this crime.

A direct account from nurse Rachel Fischer

During a sit-down with a Houston media channel, Fischer explained her experience with human trafficking began when she was just 14.

At this time, the abuse came from adults in the US foster care system. Based on her experience, the nurse explained that she wants others to know that hope and light at the end of the tunnel still exist.

Fischer is likewise featured in the “Surviving Sex Trafficking” documentary. In this documentary, the nurse’s extensive efforts to combat human trafficking in real-time can be seen.