OPINION: It’s Time to Stop Pretending Like Human Trafficking Isn’t a Big Deal


In 2023, culture wars, divisive news headlines, and bickering between political leaders on various sides of the aisle are par for the course. This is what a portion of US society has devolved into.

Unfortunately, issues that are designed to engender outrage, rather than solutions, routinely gather mass public attention. Meanwhile, real issues of value, such as the fight against human trafficking, largely get swept under the rug.

In all fairness, recent years have seen an uptick in attention toward human trafficking.

Earlier this week, during National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, an outpour of support on social media emerged. This support came from not just everyday Americans, but also political leaders, organizations, and government agencies.

Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go before human trafficking truly gets the mass, widespread, and consistent attention that it’s worthy of.

Where are the protests for human trafficking victims?

Within recent years, there have been mass protests over COVID restrictions, abortion access, and more. Make no mistake; protesting is all well and good. Here in the United States, it’s a constitutional right.