Human Trafficking Awareness Day Brings Outpour of Social Media Support


In current times, awareness about human trafficking continues to spread.

Multiple states are taking action to increase public knowledge about this crime. Some of this action involves mandatory training for workers in certain industries, such as trucking, hospitality, etc.

Additional steps to raise awareness about human trafficking include hosting online events and seminars targeted toward specific demographics or the general public in a given community.

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January is currently Human Trafficking Awareness Month or Human Trafficking Prevention Month. However, January 11 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

This very critical day saw an outpour of social media support.

Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2023

On Wednesday, individuals, organizations, federal government officials, US lawmakers, and leaders at the state level spoke out.

They urged people to wear the color blue to raise awareness about human trafficking and stand in solidarity with survivors of this crime, along with victims who remain in need of rescue.