Human Trafficking Awareness Day Brings Outpour of Social Media Support


Much of the support for this year’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day is viewable under the following social media hashtags: #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay, #WearBlueDay, #EndHumanTrafficking, #EndTrafficking.

Everyone can play a role in the fight against human trafficking. Whether that role involves talking about the issue on social media or supporting reputable anti-human trafficking organizations and efforts, no step forward is too small.

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For so long, human traffickers have thrived from a lack of knowledge and awareness about their crimes against humanity. Furthermore, as awareness increases, traffickers are employing various underhanded means of luring in victims.

Some common tactics of human traffickers are as follows:

  • Loverboy method/posing as a boyfriend or romantic love interest
  • Posting phony job ads
  • Offering to fill a need, only to later exploit this need
  • Isolating targets from their support systems to make exploitation easier
  • Force, fraud, coercion

Beyond January 11

The outpour of social media support for Human Trafficking Awareness Day is positive and much-needed. However, we would all do well not to forget about human trafficking once the clock strikes midnight.