Air Travel Suffers Nationwide Due to Federal Aviation Administration Problems


Things have not been going well for air travel lately.

Over the Christmas/New Year holiday, many flights ran into issues that prompted delays and cancellations.

Nasty winter storms served as the culprit for some of these issues. Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines faced serious troubles that extended well beyond just the weather at various destinations.

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Not even one full month later, another major air travel catastrophe has emerged. This time, the disaster deals with technical problems experienced by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

What happened?

On Wednesday morning, nationwide US flights endured groundings on the orders of the FAA. The travel agency reported complications with Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) functions.

NOTAM is critical for air travel. These functions are what inform air travel workers, especially pilots, about critical aviation matters, domestic airport affairs, etc.

Later in the morning, the FAA finally gave the all-clear, lifting its grounding orders across the country. However, thousands of flights still suffered delays and cancellations, due to the NOTAM problems.