Ice Cube Slams Trump Administration in Rap Song “Arrest the President”


In a new song titled ‘Arrest the President,’ rapper Ice Cube harshly criticizes President Donald Trump and his administration. ‘Arrest the President’ is a feature from Ice Cube’s forthcoming album, ‘Everythang’s Corrupt,’ reports The Hill.

An Overview of ‘Arrest the President’

Ice Cube’s new, political single takes several shots at the current White House leadership and the commander-in-chief. Some of the most notable lyrics read as follows:

“Did you know the new white was orange?/ Boy, you’re showing your horns.”

“Arrest the president/You got the evidence.”

The rapper then censures the manner in which the Trump administration manages affairs in the White House.

“Let’s meet at the White House/Run in and turn the lights out/ They treat it like a trap house/ These motherf*ckers never take the trash out.”

‘Arrest the President’ is not the first time that Ice Cube has spoken out against President Trump. During the 2016 election, the rapper declared that he would “never endorse a motherf*cker” like then-candidate Trump. Ice Cube has also opined that African-Americans are not prioritized by the president.

Celebrity Criticisms of President Trump

Similarly to Ice Cube, many celebrities have used their platforms to express their dissatisfaction and disgust with the president. Hollywood big names often take to social media, while others express their feelings in songs. Eminem and Snoop Dogg are on the list of musical artists who have slammed Trump in their songs.

Responses to celebrity criticisms of the president vary from individual to individual. Liberal Americans have overwhelmingly thrown their support behind artists who go after Trump. However, many conservatives believe that celebrities are ignorant and unaware of the president and his policies. Other members of the right-wing frequently criticize what they view as the monopoly of thought which allegedly exists in Hollywood.

‘Everythang’s Corrupt’ is scheduled to become available for purchase in December 2018. Although President Trump has not publicly responded to ‘Arrest the President,’ readers of The Hill weighed in with their personal thoughts and opinions.

“Ice Cube won’t be visiting the WH anytime soon…”

“Low IQ rapper peddling drug and gang culture.”

“Another low talent rhymer that is off the list.”