Impeachment Trial: Trump Attorney Dismisses Bolton Book as “Inadmissible”


In the wake of the leaked manuscript, Trump has denied the allegations. Other Senate Republicans have adopted a similar attitude as Sekulow, questioning why Bolton hasn’t yet testified. However, Trump’s legal team maintains that even if the assertions in Bolton’s manuscript did have merit, they still wouldn’t constitute a crime on Trump’s end.

How Will the Senate Proceed in Light of the Bolton Manuscripts?

On Friday, the Senate body is set to vote on whether or not to permit additional evidence and witnesses. However, this may not necessarily go in the preferred directors of the Democrats. Many conservative lawmakers maintain that if Bolton testifies, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden ought to follow suit.

The testimony of the Biden duo is something which Democrat lawmakers have strongly opposed. Schumer infamously wrote off the notion of the aforementioned testimonies as a “misdirection.” However, given the Bidens’ inherent ties to Ukraine controversy, many Republicans have a different outlook.