Independent Legal Experts to Investigate Sexual Harassment Allegations against Gov. Cuomo


As part of the investigation, Kim and Clark’s team will issue subpoena and related compliance and examine relevant documents and records. The team will also conduct interviews including formal depositions.

The team will report weekly about the progress of their investigation to the Office of the Attorney. Upon the conclusion of the probe, the team will submit a written report regarding their findings. The Attorney General will make the report available to the general public.

Five women accused Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment

The governor’s office requested AG James’ office to appoint a legal expert to conduct an independent investigation into sexual harassment accusations by five women.

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Ana Liss, a former policy and operations aide to Gov. Cuomo, claimed that he called her sweetheart, touched her on her lower back during a reception, and inquired if she had a boyfriend. She also claimed that the governor once kissed her hand.

Liss told the Wall Street Journal that she initially considered Gov. Cuomo’s unsolicited actions as harmless flirtations. However, her perception regarding the Governor’s actions changed over time as she felt diminished.