IRS Whistleblower Interview Exposes Alleged DOJ Interference in Hunter Biden Investigation


 A letter from his attorneys revealed that a meeting with prosecutors in October 2022 turned contentious. And this led to Shapley and his team being effectively sidelined from the investigation. His lawyers argue that this action was a direct response to Shapley’s whistleblowing.

In response to the allegations, IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel denies any retaliation against whistleblowers.

 Werfel’s letter to the House Ways and Means Committee emphasizes that the IRS follows the direction of the DOJ in matters involving federal judicial proceedings. He also asserts that he has not interfered with any whistleblower’s status.

The explosive nature of these accusations, combined with the high profile of the individuals involved, brings increased scrutiny to Hunter Biden’s finances. 

As the son of President Joe Biden, any potential improprieties in his financial affairs hold significant political implications. And public disclosures that funds allegedly were given to the president through a series of LLCs make it difficult for the president to distance himself.