IRS Whistleblower Interview Exposes Alleged DOJ Interference in Hunter Biden Investigation


An IRS whistleblower has come forward, making explosive allegations against the Department of Justice (DOJ). He claims the DOJ deliberately “slow-walked” the Hunter Biden investigation into finances

Gary Shapley, a seasoned IRS agent with 14 years on the job, says the inquiry into the president’s son deviated from standard protocols and seemingly protected the president’s son from thorough scrutiny.

The investigation has been ongoing since 2019 when the FBI obtained the laptop.

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In an exclusive interview with CBS News, Shapley revealed his growing concerns as he assumed oversight of the controversial investigation in January 2020. 

For months Shapley’s team documented alleged deviations from the normal investigation process. 

“Each and every time, it seemed always to benefit the subject,” Shapley said. The investigation was continually halted at the highest levels of the IRS, FBI, and DOJ.

Eventually, unable to ignore the implications Shapely became a whistleblower.

Shapley is not alone in his allegations, as another whistleblower has also voiced concerns about irregularities surrounding the investigation into Biden. The House Ways and Means Committee has scheduled private testimony from Shapley, allowing him to share further details about the alleged improprieties.

Hunter Biden Investigation concerns

 Shapley claims that he faced retaliation from both the DOJ and the IRS after raising his concerns.