Jimmy Carter 2020? Rumors and T-shirts Abound


Former President Jimmy Carter spent some time with CBS Late Show host, Stephen Colbert, on Friday night. President Carter has drawn headlines for his response when Colbert asked, “does America kind of want a jerk as President?”

His response?

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“Apparently from this recent election, yes, I never knew it before.”

Moving on, Colbert asked Carter about a potential Presidential campaign, saying, “is there any chance you’re running in 2020? Because we could use a nice guy in the Oval Office.”

“I think there’s an age limit,” President Carter, now 93, remarked.

That’s when the former host of the Colbert Report presented President Carter with a t-shirt which said “Carter 2020: Still Constitutionally Eligible.”

That simple shirt quickly sparked a buzz on social media across the world.

One Reddit user stated, “Carter seemed ahead of his era, he’d be popular now I think.”

Another Redditor remarked, “Forged peace between two-millennia old enemies, served but never took us to war and told us the truth about ourselves. Best. President. Ever.”

Other social media users have pointed to a video taken in June that shows President Carter shaking every passenger’s hand before a flight from Atlanta to Washington as evidence that he is ramping up for another run at the Oval Office.

Another enterprising individual, seemingly inspired by Colbert’s present to the former president, has created a t-shirt that say, “Carter 2020” with a picture of President Carter and the caption “Because, why not?”

The shirt is available on Teespring.

T-shirts and social media aside, the former POTUS doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to return to the Oval Office, but it seems that at least a few Americans would be open to the possibility of a second Jimmy Carter presidency.