Democrat Doug Jones Slams Calls for Ban on Guns


Earlier today, Democrat and Alabama Senator Doug Jones censured calls for the prohibition of guns and assault weapons, reports The Hill.

Jones on Calls for Banning Guns in America

During an ABC interview, Jones weighed in with his stance on guns and assault weapons when questioned by host George Stephanopoulos:

We’ve got to get done what I think can be done right now. Let’s reach across and within our own party to do those things that we can do. That to me is where I want to focus. I really don’t believe that a gun ban is feasible right now.

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Jones, who recently defeated GOP opponent Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race, is one of the few Democrats to take a moderate stance on guns. The Alabama Senator supports age limits for semi-automatic pistols and stronger background checks.

Jones furthermore champions the Parkland students who are in favor of stricter gun measures. However, the Alabama Senator has discouraged the denigration of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other groups which favor guns and the Second Amendment.

The State of Guns in America

Over the past few weeks, calls for gun restrictions have intensified. Last week, a NYT piece endorsed the repeal of the Second Amendment, something which angered many staunch conservatives and champions of the Second Amendment.